Wednesday, October 31, 2007


meh at October. A lot has happened this month that signifies so many transitions, both psychological and material...hard to explain, but its been a weird and somewhat depressing month. I'm not at all unhappy that its over. Recently things have been relatively quiet, and honestly that is really ok with me, I haven't been going out much and have been trying to maintain a good balance of playing time and do-nothing-relax time in order to enjoy the balance to which I've grown accustomed.

Poker went pretty well this month. I only got in about 500 tournaments, mostly mtts, and a few hours of coaching/video making for a total of about +5k. Not bad considering I worked about 60 hours in total for the month, but I can't help but think if I got in more volume like I told myself I would that I'd be closer to the 10k mark than the 5k mark. Oh well, hopefully soon. I finally regained platinum star VIP status on pokerstars also which hasnt happened in months due to not being here in the summer to play enough and just not putting in the time at the stakes I should be playing to maintain high VIP status. Its probably too late this year, but next year I will for sure become a supernova VIP...i look forward to that. Thats about all for now, I look forward to November, and much moreso, December. Thanks for reading.


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