Monday, October 22, 2007


Poker: yeah that didnt go at all as planned. Basically after I downswung thursday night, I made it all back/friday saturday and then some, only to go -2450 yesterday. Sick career single day loser. Just multiply thursdays blog post by a factor of 5 and you'll get the idea. Truly amazing, here are just 3 representations of how it went:

The quality of play:
A typical early game beat:
When I finally went deep, it went like this:

So yeah I wont post them all, that would take a while, but it was less than desireable. I'm looking to pick it back up this evening and hope I don't have to take a break.

School/life: My brother and a couple friends were in town for the homecoming football game (UMD v. Virginia). We went tailgating for a few hours but I didn't stay for too much of the game as it was just ridiculously crowded and I was better served going to find a tv to watch with people.

I've been fighting back pains since last semester (pre-summer) and they've been acting up, so I've tried to stay loose stretching and heating and carefully avoiding class :) Well, not really, but I skipped my first this morning that I have in a while, just to relax and kind of recover between back and poker and spiting school for making me miss homecoming.

Other than another two english assignments, the week looks relatively light so I'm gonna try to get out some and just make this a relax-week. Gym? Maybe...maybe...
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