Saturday, October 13, 2007

long, long week

I can't express enough how glad I am that this week is over. Honestly, it was just one thing after another. Teachers unhappy that I have a difficult course schedule to accomodate, midterms, people annoying me about stupid things, people owing money, general inconsiderate environments and stressful workloads, I'm just so glad the weekend has arrived. I got to play a small session tonight where MTTs were severely rigged but the 45 man sngs went well and i still turned a few hundred in profit despite a rough go at the big multis that i was playing. it seemed that flips were 80/20s tonight and whenever someone was supposed to be making a move they had a monster....just the way some nights go I guess, can't complain too much since I did come away with profit.

I've spent a good deal of the afternoon also trying to relax a bit and organize and line up more videos for as well as work with some students on logistics for the upcoming weeks. Schedules are slowly coming into place. Next week shouldn't be too much easier for me due to another midterm and homecoming, along with trying to keep up steady poker work to keep up a very promising trend thus far. Anyways, looking forward to the weekend hiatus, sucking it up through the week then hopefully having some down time for online stuff/personal stuff/non school stuff.

I highly encourage those SNG and cash grinders that find video instruction useful to buy the videos at and (poker videos link), I've heard nothing but good things about both sites and the video authors and quality, and I think I'm going to be a strong addition to the selection with my first video being in full swing for sales on both sites finally!

Finally, last night after the bulk of the week was done I got to participate in some fraternity happenings finally and really got to connect with a lot of the members of the pledge class. These kids are really great kids and look promising for the chapter and our future strength, I'm excited to have them ready to go and come aboard, but I do have to say some stern talking-to's never did hurt any of them. They're close and should make us proud. I really am going to make my best effort to see to the end of the pledging process consistently and strongly as I feel this has been some of the best interactions I've had with guys that I'll be able to call brothers soon. I think thats about it in my life for now without any boring detail, thanks for reading.


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