Friday, October 19, 2007


not a great end to the week.

stuff: school kinda blew this week. Got a bunch of mediocre grades back...not a huge deal but just not what I'd like to end the week with. What sucked the most was that I basically had to sit out of homecoming altogether. I had midterms through tuesday and was looking forward to our famous hayride event thursday but, realizing that I had a lab when everyone was leaving, the entire week essentially went down the tubes. Oh well, I've been to every other homecoming/greek week and its been fun, and I should get a couple of more out of my time here. Hopefully my schedule will be easier to combine fraternity stuff with in the coming weeks, I was hoping I wouldn't have to miss weeks at a time.

I guess the good news is that the homecoming football game vs Virginia is tomorrow and my brother and some friends will be in town for it, so that should be fun.

Poker: blah. last night I played and got dominated both in cash games and tournaments for my worst losing night online at approximately -1600. It wasn't too fun, but I guess it does happen. It was just so unreal how all the beats can flood at you at once, when you're never less than a 3:1 favorite to win a hand and you just can't seem to win. Well, as any experienced player knows the only way to battle it out is put the time in so thats what I plan on doing. I sat down again tonight for a session and it went similarly poorly, but I did end up a couple hundred which was certainly preferably to another disaster night. Still hurting from the loss but I was winning consistently and big prior to last night so I have a feeling I'll be able to recover nicely from this. I plan on playing some tommorow during the day and making sunday a poker day as well...this is going to be the first week in several that I am likely going to play the sunday major tournaments on full tilt and pokerstars (the million grtd, 750k grtd and second chance tournaments). Beyond squeezing homework in around the football game/saturday happenings and poker, thats the gist of the weekends plans. I hope I have good news by the end! Thanks for reading.


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