Tuesday, October 16, 2007

bread winning and spending

i think ill go back to dividing the blog into poker and life, i think some people are more interested in one vs the other, and this way I can go into a bit more detail when I want to talk about hands or more about something else etc... anyways

poker: played last night for a few hours, got in 30 tournaments. Not a huge amount but during the week any 30 game day is a good one. Fortunately, I hit for 2k and had my 2nd greater-than-1.5k day in about a week, needless to say I'm on pace to tear it up this month with any more volume and any more running decently well. Hopefully I can keep it up, its nice to be shipping it more consistently.

In other news, my 2nd video for donkit/sharkscope should be posted in the coming week when they figure some stuff out, so be on the lookout for that. If anyone has any feedback for me on the 1st video, please feel free to post it here, PM me on the forums, or email me (Alex.triner@gmail.com)...I'm always looking for ways to improve my n00bness at video making and instruction.

Life: I finished most of the bout of my midterms and what not which is nice, but I have constant english projects which have been keeping me annoyingly busy.
Also, I'm still going through some back issues stemming from the end of last semester, so I'm also really hoping to get back into the gym on a semi consistent basis. Both of these tasks should stay consistent through the semester, so I'm hoping things like my poker schedule, sleep schedule and partying/people schedules will also somehow sync.

The biggest highlight right now is probably the booking of a trip to amsterdam for myself and my brother, as well as any friends who want to join. We are close to confirming details on the trip, and I'm really very excited to head there for the first time. He's been there a few times (and talks about wanting to move there after every return), so I know it'll be a great experience. If any friends want to join, shoot me an IM, its looking like December 26-31st time frame is when cheap airfare is available. As most people know, I love to travel, so going anywhere for the first time is exciting for me, and I've especially wanted to visit Amsterdam for quite some time. I have to say, things look good overall, hopefully I can stay afloat with the english work. Thanks for reading.


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Yorick said...

Dude, dont go to Amsterdam. It sucks.