Friday, September 28, 2007

The venture continues

With school work on the rise and general laziness I haven't yet gotten a "good" act together for my online playing regiment recently, but as I stated in my last entry coaching had started nicely enough to keep me involved. Yesterday, it went a bit further when I got an offer to join to become a video author for their site. The pay is great and the work will help expand coaching and my analytical approach to play overall. This is very exciting as I've often looked forward to the prospect of working with a site for something like this. I highly recommend the videos on there for both SNGers and cash game players, videos from the likes of curtain, newt_buggs and cero_z are all well worth it. Look for my first videos to be up in the coming weeks/months hopefully.

I have a relaxing weekend more or less, as I plan to record my first video for the site , perhaps get some work done, hopefully play some, and just hang out. Hopefully all remains smooth, this has definitely been a boost to the week. I also look forward to trying to get to some more fraternity events with the new pledge class, the kids are looking good. Can't think of too much else new going on, hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for reading. Look forward to updating soon.


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