Monday, September 24, 2007

post holiday update

honestly, i dont even know what to post in here usually which is why i havent posted much lately. basically, school is in full swing and the holidays have kind of hit their semi hiatus, at least the the two big ones are done with. I enjoy spending time with the family but commuting to my parents' house is a big pain. Great food definitely made it worth it, however.

my sng coaching venture has somewhat taken off as well. I have 4 consistent students now through the 40 and 50 buy in levels and so far so good. Not a ton of hours put in yet but im excited to keep going and see what im capable of in this venture; I really think it will help to focus my game, and there has already been evidence of this.

I've also just been informed of another trip to Greece and Israel in the spring time, and there is potential talks of bahamas and amsterdam in the mix at other times in upcoming months. I'm very excited, hopefully I survive the semester to get there! I'm finally thinking about looking into buying a camera, might be worth it to motivate myself to make trip reports after worthy trips.

Anyways, thanks for reading, an update should come along at some point.



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