Friday, November 9, 2007

The weekend before death

If death came in school form, it would be next week with a 30 page paper and two exams. This won't leave time to do much else, so any desire to go out would have to happen this weekend. I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Thanksgiving break will still be amidst work, so most other things will be waning in the final month+ of the semester.

All that said, I'll either go out and do something tonight or stay in and grind, as I just won't put in much other time this month. I'll still be allowing plenty of time for coaching and videos but won't be getting too indulged until winter break arrives. FTOPS (Full Tilt's big tournament series) recently began so I may be jumping into a few events this weekend, perhaps starting with tonight's 200 buy in pot limit hold em event. We'll see what happens.

After all that is over with I'm really going to have to take proactive steps toward finding a house for next year, as we do not really want to stay in campus apartments anymore and having a house allows for much more freedom and entertainment. Also, since I'll likely only be here for half the year next year, I'd need a place to go in the spring and a house would solve that issue. Moving back home is not something I can ever really foresee, but I do love the area I'm from so I'm not opposed to staying locally for now. TBA, a year off abroad is also in the cards. Thanks for reading.


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