Thursday, June 5, 2008


whats up everyone?

and a solid month + goes by with no updates. I should preface this by saying that the blog will now be primarily a poker blog, because my thoughts otherwise honestly probably aren't worth sharing here. Basically, I finished school this semester and took off as planned to vegas for my long break from school. I got here late monday night, and Rob (Bobbofitos) picked me up from the airport. We headed straight to a mexican restaraunt at the venetian where we met up with a bunch of other 2p2ers out here that we all know: the entire shipitholla crew and probably 10 STTFers. It was great to see everyone, although this whole time many have walked straight by me without recognizing me with my 'new look'. Kind of funny when they realize though.

I didn't do much the next day, as I was still meeting up with people/checking out town again, and feeling tired from travels and what not. In the afternoon, we headed over to the wynn and I sweated Rob and Ryan (Mistaken) playing a shorthanded 10/20 game. Lets just say that I've never seen anyone cut open a short handed deep stacked cash game the way Rob did that night. I don't think he missed a single blind raise on his btn, and he stacked pretty much everyone at the table at one point. Some highlights:

lol, but seriously...he won a 40k pot off of a rich guy from manhatten that thought his Q4 was good enough for a turn open jam of 17k into a pot of like 1500 on a KQQK board after the turn. just overall kept showing down big hands or owned the opposition...standard bobbo.

We hit the rhino after his nice +30k session, and had a good time celebrating.

Yesterday, the highlight of the day was sweating Andrew (good2cu) own the 5k mixed hold em event (#4). He was knocked out in 3rd, but played well and had us as a huge, loud and roudy cheering section. The rio staff hated us, but we'll definitely get on TV if they air the final table, so Andrew should get a lot of exposure :) Zeejustin then lost to eric lindgren heads up, which is unfortunate for justin because he really has played well from all I've heard and consistently goes deep in these WSOP events. I'm sure he'll pull out a bracelet eventually.

After the bust out, we headed back to the shipitholla mansion for some chill/down time, as most everyone is playing the 1500 dollar 6 man event today. While we were talking, Travis (Travestyfund) offered to put me into the tournament today, and, being that I haven't played yet out here, though this would be the best time to get my feet wet.

Sorry for the brief entree- Gotta get ready to play now, but I'll try to keep this updated pretty regularly at least while I'm out in Vegas. Thanks for reading.


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