Saturday, June 21, 2008

Caesar's shananigans, The Last Man Standing, and some visitors from my hood (short update)

So, I've been pretty busy recently even though I haven't done anything. Isn't that so ironic? I don't get it either. I decided to play the caesar's $330 deep stack event with Travis (costanza_g). Despite a great structure, the tournament was completely rigged. The field was fantasticly soft, softer than any $1500 event at the WSOP (for those that don't know, this is saying a lot). I don't feel like recapping too many hands as there weren't a ton of interesting ones, but I flopped the nuts a lot early and that got me a lot of chips; and I cruised through the day despite having to make some tough (but correct) laydowns. We all got pretty short as 6/1200/300 came and went, and by the time 800/1600 level rolled around, I was shoving any profitable spot I could find to pick up pots, which no one else was doing, it being a live tournament. I pretended to look at my cards when it folded around to me once in the SB, and when the BB folded to my shove, I peeked at TT. Rigged. A few orbits later, it folded around to me again in the SB and I again pretended to look at my cards before sticking it all in. The big blind woke up with AJ, and after tanking, called the shove. I squeezed and tabled 93o and he bad beat me for the win! wtf? how is 93o no good there? Anyways, it wasn't, and I was out of the tournament in roughly 50th/375 after 10.5 hours of tournament play. blech.

Beyond that, I haven't put a ton of time in at the cash tables, but I am planning on putting in a session tomorrow and a marathon session in the coming week. We'll see about other tournaments, as I have to plan around my ongoing deucescracked project, "Last Man Standing" which will be my first formal video series (3rd-10th videos done for the site, though) for the site. It will cover the basics of online SNG play, and will hopefully be one of many series and other standalone videos to come. I'll be working on seeing the peoples, putting in some cash time, and putting this series into the final stages of compilation, creation and production, among some of my one on one coaching obligations. Should be fun and busy.

Today held a nice afternoon, with a few good friends of mine from home coming into Vegas for the weekend. They played the $2,000 pot limit hold em WSOP event, and after they busted, we went back to their very nice suite at the venetian to relax and hang out with the girls and his dog who he brings everywhere. When we went to Amsterdam, Baxter came. When he went to europe another time, Baxter came. When he comes to the desert of Sin City, Baxter came. Quite the world traveler, that dog. Anyways, nice to see some of the hometown crew, and I'm sure I'll see them once more before they skip town. Looking forward to a good weekend. Thanks for reading.


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