Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Hello blog

Sorry about the lack of updates lately. Ever since School ended for me (Dec 13th) I've done a whole lot of lazying/nothing. Kind of pathetic, but it feels great :) Let's see if I can recap...

Dec 11th was my birthday. It sort of sucked, as it does every year because its right before final exams and most people can't come out to party etc... but this year there were a good amount of kids out as it fell on the last day of classes, and I did decide to say "F it" on tuesday and abandon any plans to study to make sure I enjoyed the day. The way I see it, 21 is too big not to remember. I didn't make it as big as I should have, but it was a good time. A new bar just opened in college park (finally) called "The Thirsty Turtle"...corny, I know, but probably going to be one of the better bars to be at in the coming months, and a big relief of the overcrowding issues plaguing our small college town of sex, drugs, and alcohol.

After I got through the proceeding next couple days, and final exam, I decided to really relax despite trying to refocus and pull back up from my recent major-downswing. I spent a good amount of time over the past few days hanging with friends, and seeing family and a cousin from Toronto that came to visit. We spent a good amount of time in DC at and around my brothers place in Georgetown. Overall, its been very relaxing and very nice to be on the "doing nothing" break and catching up with people that I so easily lose touch with.

Despite needing and wanting to relax, I do have serious plans to refocus poker-wise and otherwise. December began with my aforementioned huge downswing, and I still have barely put in the volume required to recover from said downswing. Amsterdam is coming up tommorow, so there won't be much poker time in it for me, which is absolutely fine. Recently, I read a thread posted by Phil Galfond (Jman28, an amazing poker player), which really reenforced the principles that I've tried to approach poker with in my time spent playing the game. It really seems to negatively impact ones self overall when they play when they truly don't want to or are not in the right mindset to, but to only play for the sake of playing, boredom, or just trying to put volume in blindly. By not playing when I don't feel like it or am not in the right conditions to, or have something "better" to do, it really helps me focus when I do sit and put the time in. This allows me to really "want it" when I put in my long sessions of multi tabling and cutting myself off from the world to focus to the best of my abilities and put in a lot of games. That said, December has really been a disappointing month with little to no volume, and almost all downswing. Its ok, though, because a lot of other stuff was good and I've continued to learn a ton via going over hands and continuing to prepare coaching lessons for post-holidays for my students.

My first order of business is to finish off 2007 with a bang, and do Amsterdam to its fullest extent. I really want to have a crazy time, so I can get it out of my system in time for a great January and year of 2008 to follow. A friend of ours is making the last minute booking of the Amsterdam trip with us and is bringing his dog, who he has a special note for as his "emotional support" and medical permission to have the dog sit with him on the plane and stay in the hotel with us :) Should be a good time.

When I come home, I expect to find a good bar with friends to hit for new year's, or at least something fun to that effect. Waking up January 1 will bring the new, full month dedicated to business (and seeing the people, of course). Being that I want the month to be poker-oriented mainly in order to finally make some serious moves, I decided to book a couple of trips to meet these goals. Atlantic City and Las Vegas are more or less officially on the docket. With WPT Borgata happening in mid january, it'll be a great opportunity to meet more 2p2ers in continuation of the summer's vegas experience, get some live tournament experience, and get some more cash game time in. Just after this I'd like to try and get to Las Vegas with the same goals in mind and really get my act together for 2008. I have an offer from some accomplished live Vegas professionals for partial backing in bigger cash games, but we'll see what develops with my own comfort, bankroll and planning on that front.

To my students- Don't worry about coaching, I will continue to accommodate lessons even with my travels, its a very important part of everyone's development, and, though a lot of lessons will need logistical shifting, it'll all be worked out for both parties. I also just came out with Donkit/Sharkscope video for 6 man SNGs and I should have another one going up of me 4-tabling micro stakes games (I felt this would be beneficial to many of the viewers). I didn't have time to record another one before getting stuff together pre-Amsterdam, but I will be making a couple more upon my return home.

That is a basic recap of whats gone on and what I'd like to have go on. In addition to my poker goals and desire to finally finish school, I'd like to get back in shape also and continue my world travels. This will most likely be my last blog post of 2007, so expect an Amsterdam recap, and big things in 2008!!! Thanks for reading.


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