Friday, January 11, 2008

Post-Amsterdam, Pre Atlantic City and Las Vegas

So things have been relatively hectic. Amsterdam was nothing short of amazing, even though I didn't get to hit a lot of the attractions that we wanted to initially. Its an amazing city with a lot to do and very nice people. My friend Steve brought his dog also, so that made the trip that much more interesting.

We got there mid-morning on the 26th of December, and I immediately had to take a shower after the grossness of overnight trans atlantic travels. In my 3 minute shower, I managed to put out the electricity of the marriot we were staying at because of a leak conveniently located directly above the building's electricity mainframe. Good times.

The rest of the trip was filled with red light district walks, coffee shop visits, walks through the town, personal group-famous tram rides (note: these trams do not stop for pedestrians. Walkers beware), and just a lot of fun in seeing a new place and its history. Couldn't ask for a better way to end 2007 other than perhaps having run well playing cards in December. I have a lot of Amsterdam pictures up on facebook to check out if you're friends with me on there. Otherwise you can email me or PM me on the forum and I can send you some if you'd like.

I got home new year's eve, and didn't set foot in my apartment until 9/930pm that night. I got a call from high school friends saying they were out for new year's and, having not planned anything, they asked me to come out. I was pretty beat from not having slept and a crazy 5 days overseas, but since they were just 5 minutes down the street, I couldn't say no to hanging out with old friends. We ended up going to the only bar open and had a great night hanging out and celebrating. The next day was the end for me, and I've more or less been in complete lazy mode ever since with abrupt travels and time changes and just running around getting my act together for the month.

Since coming back, I've been seeing friends that I don't get the opportunity to hang out with often, and trying to come out of a no-volume poker rut. I've been trying to pad my roll for AC and Vegas trips. I've had a solid start to the month profit wise, but still haven't gotten in the volume that I need to. I plan on trying to play a lot the next few days until our AC departure online, with hopefully one live 1/2 or 2/5 nl session for a refresher night pre-AC. On the morning of the 15th, event #1 of the Borgata world poker open, a 350 buy in no limit hold em event, will be going on. I plan on playing this event, and if things go well, possibly event #2 as well. Beyond those tournaments, I will likely focus on the side games.

We come home from Atlantic city on the 17th or 18th, and I'll be home for 2 days before heading to Vegas for 5 days for more live play with my room mate Steve (tubasteve8). Should be a good last few weeks of break, we'll see what happens in AC! Thanks for reading.


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