Saturday, December 1, 2007

End of the month

I finally had a semi "quiet week" with school, but unfortunately I came up just short of platinum star because of my detrimentally low volume at the beggining of the month. If only November had been a 31 day month....

On the bright side, I killed it on PokerStars in the last sessions of the month going for platinum star, mainly at the the 60 dollar tourneys playing 10-20 at a time continuously. It seems that most reading this aren't inerested in non-poker stuff so here are some stats of my last 3 days (aka most of the months volume) for those that wish to view them, and also for those that wonder if I actually ever play (click on image to clear it up)

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Definitely a strong finish to what was a disappointing month in the way of volume. Not a huge sample of course, and I did get pwned at my small sample at the 60 STTs of the last couple sessions, but it's not too big a deal, the downswing had to come in some form! I have to say, if thats what I can look forward to in the way of downswinging then I think I'll get by :)

My 4th Donkit/sharkscope video should be up soon as well. I am just playing one table to go over some 6 man SNG strategy (39 turbo). Turned out fine, though one hand heads up I had Freudian slip of the tongue and assigned a range of "Aces and Kings" to the button opener when I mean to illustrate a tight range of Ax and Kx hands, not just AA/KK. Sorry for the confusion, a note will be posted with the video to clarify the commentary on that one hand, otherwise it looks ok. My next video will be made shortly as well, though I haven't decided on the content just yet.

I have some school work coming up again for final exams so my volume won't be much better, but I'm essentially completely done for the semester on December 13th. Look for things to bump up big time after that (including Amsterdam!). Stay tuned and thanks for reading.


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