Friday, May 8, 2009

WSOP rules

Things have been ok recently. The city is finally getting nicer for spring, just in time for me to ship off to the desert for the summer. Unfortunately (or, fortunately...) I'm trying to put a ton of hours in this month, both coaching and playing, so I may not see the sunlight enough, but vegas should bring plenty of both, I think.

The houses of the last couple of years have trickled apart, so hopefully I'll get to see all those guys while I'm out there. This year, the new crew will have a house in the same area. Greg (Gramps), Scotty, and Samer (braminc) are staying with me in the house for the entirety of the 6 weeks. John (aka bjorn, aka kleath) will be with us for a month, and Chipchucker keeps mentioning coming out for a week or so. Should be a pretty sweet time.

In non job related news, I joined a DC kickball team with a bunch of people that I grew up with/went to high school with. Our first game got rained out, but we got to meet a bunch of the other teammates at a bar in Adams Morgan, and I'll get a few games in before Western work season. Really looking forward to it, as I'm finding that working 'full time' at home puts a strain on getting out of the house enough.

That's about all in the way of life-lights for now. See you on the flip side.


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