Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moroccan food rules....probably

Sophie's (brother's girlfriend) birthday dinner last night was pretty interesting. We went to "Marakesh", a Moroccan place in Chinatown (Yeah, I thought that was pretty sweet too...Moroccan in Chinatown....) I wandered around for a while trying to find the place, but eventually caught up with some of the older bro's old gang and we found the crew.

A belly dancing show, 3.5 hours, and 7 courses later, only one of which required or came with eating utensils, we were all pretty stuffed. I have to say, the meats were some of the best that I've had out in D.C. The tea was a perfect, warm ending to a huge dine-out experience. I guess another warm hand towel at the end would've been nice, but a great time nonetheless. If you're in Chinatown in D.C and want a unique restaurant that may provide you with some new cultural experiences, I say go for it.

Nothing else terribly interesting. Going to be trying to crank out the work load as best as I can with trying to dodge life logistics and holidays until I ship off to the desert for a good part of the summer. Holla.


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