Monday, September 1, 2008

PEACE America

Booked my ticket out of here for my 2nd trip since the drop-out heard round the world. We're headed to Europe ladies and gentleman, first stop: Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Dale (Daleroxxu) lives in Glasgow so I plan on crashing at his place for a week or so, leaving on the 21st. Around the beginning of October, if all goes according to plan, at that point I'll head to Amsterdam for a while and see what's going on there.
Other than that, today was a cool day. I didn't put in nearly as much volume as I would have liked to, but I coached for 3 hours today, and played for an hour for a really nice 2k hour ($2500 day total). A high buy in MTT student of mine and I were playing the same satellite to the FTP 1k monday event. In one particular satellite tournament, 2 seats paid to the event, and we took down both seats, all while his student was sweating him live through the tournament. Pretty cool to see the ownage tree trickle down, and to have good days. Until next time.......thanks for reading.


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