Friday, March 28, 2008

F You pokerstars

I need to rant.

Basically 16 days ago I request to cash out 600 bucks from stars. Not a problem, always takes 3, maybe 4 business days in slow situations. Once it took five I think.

The 10th business day has come and gone after they saw allow up to 10 for this electronic check. They first feed me the "wait till april 1st because of easter back up" and then follow it up by saying it's out of their hands. My bank has no record of any such transaction occurring.

WTF? If I knew this was only the 600, I'd still be really pissed, but at least I'd be able to move on. I'm now afraid to cash out because I have no idea where the fuck my money is going.

This is on top of having to see a specialist about my back problems of a year now. Yesterday I headed to the doctor and he basically said I have a really severe lumbar strain, and he gave me a cortisone shot and a month's prescription for physical therapy. Just got back into the gym after this fiasco a month ago, and now I'm told I have to cut back again. Awesomeness.

The rest of the BS I probably shouldn't talk about on here, but lets just say this is quickly shaping up to be the worst day in a long time. Sorry for making you read that, this entry was a necessary rant....maybe next time it'll be more interesting? Or at least some better news......hopefully......hopefully....

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