Sunday, February 22, 2009

[Re] Learning PLO

With an effort to stay true to my love for cash games, I figured I'd stick in a brief update in an additional effort to not suck at updating my blog quite as much. So yeah, I've decided to get seriously back into Pot Limit Omaha and make that one of my primary game-focuses for this year in addition to a few other games.
I will be continuing tournament work for, as well as my coaching in SNGs and MTTs, and only plan to become more active with the team over there as time goes on and as my multi-game understanding and volume increases.

Hopefully if I don't forget there'll be some more interesting blog posts in the future. For now, here is a report of the superbowl party that I attended in Vegas a few weeks ago. Definitely worth checking out:

(scroll past the poker part at the beginning if you only want to get to the rated "R" section)

I also paid for that trip in a single 5 hour Bellagio cash session playing only nl500, going to show down exactly 1 time in 5 hours. So that was cool. Think that's all I got for now, stay good everyone.


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