Saturday, February 16, 2008

series of random updates?

School sucks. I'm trying to play a lot more poker to prepare for my year next year. Did I mention school sucks? Poker kinda sucks too, but really only because I don't play a lot.

Since I came back from Vegas, I've just gone to class, hung out with the peoples, played very minimal amounts of poker, and not done much else except thankfully, start to get back to the gym. Already feeling good about it, but will only start back with 2-3x/week and progress, I don't want to fall off a routine like last time when it usually has such a positive impact.

A momentous occasion, though, in my little sister graduating high school and ending the era of the kids in my family going to that private Jew school of death. No, I did learn a lot there, but the school is going downhill fast and we're glad we're finally done with it. She gets 3 months abroad in Poland/eastern Europe/Israel and 6 months of no school, which I'm insanely jealous of. That trip was one of the most memorable of my life and I dearly wish I got to take it again.

That was basically all I've done of note since coming back home. I can't wait till spring which point I have no idea what I'm doing. I do, however, know that there's been some progress coaching wise. In the last week or two, I've received an influx of messages from 2+2ers who come to me having seen my videos before having heard of me from the STT or coaching forums. Though many don't end up taking coaching, I'm at a point where 2 new PM's/day is pretty common. Sadly, I don't think I'm taking full advantage of the thin tournament coaching market. That may be remedied soon, though (updates if it does, of course). I also have a new video that should be posted on Donkit/sharkscope in the next couple days. Sadly, its only 31 minutes and I do not get in the money, but I felt that I got into some great spots for a video and the owners thought it worthy to post anyways, so check that out. It's me 3-tabling the FTP 22/33 STTs. Sad results but a good video in my opinion.

Beyond that, I've also decided that every few weeks I may try to come out with some sort of poker article on my blog for readers, as a better method of updating beyond stupid random life updates that no one cares about (but that people still read anyways? go figure). If anyone has good topic suggestions, feel free to leave it in the comments here, or let me know via the forums or AIM. I already have an idea for the 1st one, which I may try to write and release this upcoming week. The topic is of course the hot one in my poker world right now- coaching. We'll see what happens with it all.

Further, if anyone has any good suggestions of where to go for spring break, let me know. I can't think of anything else to write, hopefully the next updates will be more interesting, I just needed something so people would stop yelling at me to update :) Thanks for reading.



personage said...


This is TheLipoFund from 2p2 and I just wanted to drop in and say hey. Just clicked your profile randomly and saw you had a blog. Keep it up and glglgl at the tables.

And yes, school does suck

Dr Zen said...

Write more stuff, AMT. You have a great way of explaining concepts, and you're wasting that if you don't tell it all to me... erm, I mean, the general public.